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We'll take full charge of the accounting so you can do what's really important.
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Nowadays, more and more companies are choosing to outsource their bookkeeping. This saves them from the need to maintain a whole staff of accountants. We guarantee competent reporting and its timely submission to the appropriate authorities, the absence of errors and inaccuracies in tax returns, which eliminates the accrual of penalties.
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chief accountant
As part of this type of outsourcing, the customer company receives not only accounting and tax accounting services, but also advice on tax optimization, assistance in preparing and submitting reports.
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Outsourcing of the "salary" section
As part of this type of outsourcing, the customer organization receives services for processing employee data, calculating
and payroll, reporting preparation
and payment of taxes related to wages. We also provide assistance in drawing up employment contracts.
and resolving other personnel issues.
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Accounting restoration
During the restoration of accounting, our specialists analyze primary documentation, accounting registers, and reporting
and other materials, identify errors and develop recommendations for their elimination.
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Accounting Consulting
Our specialists advise clients on choosing a tax system, optimizing tax payments, preparing and submitting reports, and also help
in resolving controversial issues with regulatory authorities.

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